Video: Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 Spotted on Youtube?

Video: Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 Spotted on Youtube?:
The Windows Phone Youtube channel just published a new promo video for the Nokia Lumia 920. The product manager for Nokia North America shows off the red one, but take a look at his desk. Is that a cyan Nokia Lumia 920?!

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So far, the only colors officially announced for the Nokia Lumia 920 are yellow, red, grey, white and black. Could Nokia be releasing this color exclusively for a carrier? cough* AT&T cough*
Take a look at the left corner at around 0:31 and 1:14 of the video. There are 2 devices on the desk. One in white, and another in Cyan.
Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan
Let’s not get our hopes up though. Maybe it’s just the Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan.
Would you want the Nokia Lumia 920 in Cyan color?

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